• Anton Prikhodko

    enero 30th, 2011

    Hello Virginia,

    I’m writing a postgraduate thesis on carolingian art and have been looking for this miniature in good quality for a very long time.

    If you have this photo in high-res, would you please mail it to me?

  • Anton Prikhodko

    enero 30th, 2011

    Excuse me, I mean the «Four Evangelists» miniature from the Evangelios de Aquisgran.

  • Alenarte Revista

    enero 31st, 2011

    Hello, do not usually respond in public. Considering that you are a researcher, and his kindness, we make an exception.
    Was sent from email a picture. We hope that you’ve received. We will try to send the others on the day of Monday. We tend not to keep email with our readers, but we understand your request and wish to publicly thank their confidence in our journal. All Alenarte team wish you good luck with your thesis.

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